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Ways To Save Money For Gardeners

2017-07-11 Comments Off on Ways To Save Money For Gardeners

Keeping on top of your garden is not as cheap as it could be. What with garden tools, seeds, weed killer and all of the other things that you need, the cost can really start to add up over time. Gardeners who have been doing it for a long time start to gain experience and learn tips and trick about how they can save money throughout the course of the year. There are often alternatives that yo can use to the expensive products that you find in your local garden centre, so here are some tips that will hopefully help.

Grow Your Own Food

It may seem obvious, but if you grow your own vegetables, you will save money on groceries and this will go some way to offset the cost of keeping up with our garden. Growing your own food, is also a very enjoyable pastime and if you have children it is a great activity to get them involved with. Not only that, but when you finally sit down to eat what you have grow, you will enjoy it all the more because of the hard work that you have put into nurturing it. Potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, turnips and leeks all grown fantastically well in the United Kingdom, so there is no reason not to give it a try.

grow your own

Get Hold Of Free Fertilizer

If you have a large garden, buying fertilizer can be very expensive, but you could be spending money unnecessarily. Local farms and businesses often advertise free fertiliser for anyone who want to go and pick it up, so keep an eye out for signs in your neighbourhood. It may also be a good idea to get on the phone or email a few local farms to see if they have any to give away. more often than not, these places have far more than they will ever need, and there are very happy to be rid of it. Another way to get free fertilizer is to compost at home. Garden cuttings, food left overs and coffee beans can all be used to create fertilizer and it will be just as good as that which you have purchased from the store.

Online Discounts

You might think that the best deals for gardening products can be found in your local gardening centre, but often this is not the case. Shop around a bit and check online for stores which have better prices.  Look out for special offer such as:

Often buying seeds or plant bulbs out of season can be a good way to save more money, so try and plan your garden schedule well in advance.

Collect Rain Water To Water Your Garden

Water from your tap is not free, and if you use a lot of it on your garden through summer, the price will add up. If you have the space, fit a large container to collect rain water which can be used later in the year when you need it. We have enough rain in the UK so keep just about any garden watered, so spending extra money to use a hose pipe or a sprinkler does seem rather unnecessary.

Save Seeds From Your Food

Instead of forking out for seeds from the garden centre, why not try extracting them from food that you eat. It is very easy to get seeds from many fruit and vegetables and you can save them to plant later. Make sure that you store them safely and keep them in a packet which is clearly labelled with the name of the seed.